i protest

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i grew up in a very white, very conservative area of kansas. most of my family, friends, classmates, and colleagues are conservative, and that’s reflected on my social media feeds. i escaped this for some time because i intentionally did not read my timeline during the election season, but i feel like i need to burst the liberal bubble in which i’m enveloped and see how people outside of my worldview feel about current issues.

one type of post i’ve been seeing a lot of lately are posts calling protestors names. i’ve seen everything from “SJWs” to “crybaby snowflakes” to “participation-trophy pussies”. this is especially hurtful given that some of these comments have come from family and church friends that i really love and respect, and doubly so because i have taken part in some of these protests so some of these comments feel more than a bit personal.

i protest because i do not agree with many of the actions taken by the office of the president over the past couple of weeks. i believe that the united states should accept more refugees, not less. i believe that the united states should accept immigrants the same regardless of origin or religion. i believe that the vetting processes already in place are stringent enough, if not a bit too stringent. i think the DAPL should be either stopped or re-routed to avoid the water source of thousands of native peoples. i believe in universal healthcare. even though i realize premiums were increasing, i believe that it was worth it to provide insurance to the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, who could not afford or did not qualify for insurance prior to the ACA. i believe that drone warfare is immoral. i believe that separating families via mass deportation is sickening.

i’ve seen many posts from friends and family that relate several of the current president’s policies to those of bill clinton and barack obama. i do not agree with the mass deportation or violent border control policies that came to be under either of their presidencies. i do not agree with the mass-incarceration and minimum mandatory sentences that occurred under clinton’s watch. i do not agree with the drone warfare that rose to prominence during obama’s time in office. i think it does a disservice to the severity of the policy that trump’s white house put in place to compare the refugee/middle-east ban to obama putting a pause on immigrants from one specific country following a specific terror incident. why didn’t i protest when any of these things happened? quite honestly, i was either too young to understand (during clinton) or still primarily a conservative (during obama). i think both administrations should be held accountable for those actions as trump’s administration should be held accountable for his.

what’s my point in saying all of this? i wish that those who are close to me would reach out and try to gain some understanding of the purpose behind the protests and what we’re trying to accomplish before they take to their social media profiles to condemn us. i’m not asking you to agree with me on everything, but at least try to see the other side before resorting to personal attacks. i promise that i’m trying to do the same toward you.

Seattle Womxns’ March – 1/21/2017

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This past Saturday I was privileged to attend and document the Seattle Womxns’ March 2017 in protest of the inauguration of DJT. This protest, combined with similar marches organized around the world, formed the largest protest in US History, with initial estimates between 2.5-4 million participants.

Here are just some of the photos I took from the first half of the march:

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the leaves are falling and the city’s blue again

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The rain is falling again and that’s a wonderful thing for my music consumption. It seems there are few things better than a record on the turntable while the rain outside my window adds to the orchestration.

The changing of seasons has brought back a couple of unwanted friends, depression and anxiety. Like this time last year, work is starting to kick up with deadlines coming closer and closer. Unlike this time last year, I’m already on SSRI medication and regularly meeting with a therapist, so it remains to be seen how depression and anxiety will take hold, if at all.

Adding to it all, new weekly performance requirements have been implemented at work and I haven’t been able to meet those goals yet after three weeks. I’ve always been the type to work as hard as I can to be the reliable one wherever I’ve worked, so it’s a difficult transition to be the one on the team who hasn’t been able to adjust and could be considered the weak link. Here’s to hoping I can make the adjustment soon.

I’ve made a playlist for today and embedded it below. My goal is to start making multiple playlists per week that reflect where I am. Please follow me on Spotify if you enjoy the playlists and send your feedback my way.

Other recommended listening this week:
Copeland – Ixora
Jimmy Eat World – Integrity Blues
Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool
James Blake – The Colour in Anything

for the victims of orlando 6/12/2016

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you are my strength, but I am weak

i’ve given up some times when I’ve been tired
does it move you?

i’ve fucked it up so many times

i’ve found my home in bablyon
here in exile

by Pádraig Ó Tuama

from the myth of redemptive violence,
lord deliver us

from the ugliness of racism, homophobia, and hatred in all its forms,
lord deliver us

for the unbearable toil of our sinful world,
we plead for remission

for the terror of absence from our beloved,
we plead for your comfort

for the scandalous presence of death in your creation,
we plead for the resurrection

for the lives of brothers and sisters lost to an unwillingness to understand,
we pray for absolution

for those whose illusions of comfort and safety have been shattered by a man they’ve never met,
we pray for comfort

lord have mercy
christ have mercy
lord have mercy