you are my strength, but I am weak

i’ve given up some times when I’ve been tired
does it move you?

i’ve fucked it up so many times

i’ve found my home in bablyon
here in exile

by Pádraig Ó Tuama

from the myth of redemptive violence,
lord deliver us

from the ugliness of racism, homophobia, and hatred in all its forms,
lord deliver us

for the unbearable toil of our sinful world,
we plead for remission

for the terror of absence from our beloved,
we plead for your comfort

for the scandalous presence of death in your creation,
we plead for the resurrection

for the lives of brothers and sisters lost to an unwillingness to understand,
we pray for absolution

for those whose illusions of comfort and safety have been shattered by a man they’ve never met,
we pray for comfort

lord have mercy
christ have mercy
lord have mercy